Cosplay by McCalls Magical Mystery Tour: Blacmagic & Mysstic



The release where we find out that these patterns are a huge success, and confirm that velvet is “da bomb”.

I opened this shipment to find that the patterns were in regular envelopes. Cue standard “record scratch” sound effect. Wait! What happened to the fabulous envelopes? I loved the heavy stock and pattern tips—not to mention how beautifully the stock takes ink: The sample photos always looked amazing. Why are the patterns in regular, albeit extra-large, envelopes?

An email volley ensues, and the answer is produced: Cosplay by McCalls is a huge success. The envelope change and loss of the pattern “tips” is a result of being a grand success. “It’s a production issue. The original packaging was hand folded and hand stuffed. Due to customer demand, we needed to automate our process and our printing facility in Kansas was not able to accommodate the heavier paper.” Sad as I am to see those great envelopes go, this is great news. These imaginative patterns are the best things to happen to the industry in ages, and it’s great to know that there will be  a lot more of these patterns coming to us.

This release is magical and velvety. Blacmagic M2100 (sizes: 6-14 and 14-22 ) is a fully lined, curvy, body-conscious vampire, sorceress, high elf, Morticia, or evil queen gown, at an intermediate skill level. Usually these curvy patterns are for stretch velvet or velour, because it’s just so much easier to get that close fit with those fabrics. This one is for woven fabrics, and they call out velvet specifically as the best option. I’d like to see it in a metallic silk matelasse, myself, to set it apart from other sorceress looks. You could easily go with a firmer fabric than velvet with this pattern.

The gown has many opportunities for fitting, with front, side front, back, middle back, and side back seams to tweak. You can further adjust the fit with the side laces that go over the fit-and-flare sheer side panels. These side panels are also equipped with full shirred panels that are added at the hip. It’s a double layer at that point, so there is some fullness to peek out from the dress as you move. The fullness is echoed by a front gusset, and train. It’s really pretty gorgeous. They took a lot of care in these instructions, as they have you making French seams in the sheer panels so you will look elegant, and not like “loving hands at home”.

Take note that the pattern describes a portrait neckline, and not off-the-shoulder as the photoshoot suggests. This is why the sleeves look so long and messy over the wrists and hands in the pictures. Hike the shoulder up where it belongs and the sleeve ought to be a smooth line over the wrist and hand as intended. A firmer fabric will also help with this issue as would a couple of bones added to the bodice lining.

Probably one of the most useful and pretty patterns in the Cosplay by Mccalls collection, this one should just go into your collection for future use even if you have no need for it right now. It’s a shape that is perfect for so many things, not limited to costume. This would be a breathtaking non-standard wedding gown: make up Mysstic to go over it instead of a veil.


The other pattern in this release, Mysstic M2099 (sizes: S-M and L-XL-XXL) is nothing less than a glamorous opera coat with a dash of 80’s bubble skirt thrown in. It looks like a very simple pattern, but the skill level rating of intermediate points to the subtle shaping required to make this coat beautiful, and not just a glorified puffer jacket.

There are 15 pattern pieces: A curvy front, side front, and back pieces are the starting point, and there are  smaller lining pieces to produce the bubble effect. That effect is enhanced by the addition of netting inside, just like we did in the 80’s for our bubble skirts.

The whole garment is not as expected. The 2-piece sleeve pattern shapes are unlike any I have seen. The neckline is gathered by drawstring, the other openings are gathered in place to the lining. The swirl at the top of the hood provides a very pretty effect, so keep that in mind when you choose fabrics. Keep your fabric choices light-weight so there is a place for all those gathers to live and drape nicely. Rayon or silk velvet (panne or crushed versions included) are good choices. Cotton velvet is likely to be too firm to get the soft draped look we are working for in this coat. Other great non-velvet choices are vintage chenille bedspreads, silk matelasse, or for a more ethereal look, a silk gazar or organza. Bonus! The belt instructions are included!

Cosplay by McCalls continues to impress. The line is very adaptable, size-inclusive, and offers a broad selection of expressive clothing options you can use in cosplay or streetwear. Offered online only, it’s never out-of-stock, and you never have to brave the lines at JoAnn’s. They ship world-wide. Get them at