Cosplay by McCalls Wastelander M2121 and Copper Maiden M2117 are a Cute Couple

We hit the jackpot with this release from Cosplay by McCalls: a coveted men’s pattern! Versatile and everyday-wardrobe worthy, this one is going to give you miles and miles of service. Its partner is a simple, and well-proportioned bustier ensemble that is more modest than most, but will still steal the show. They are Wastelander M2121 and Copper Maiden M2117, and you can get them, and the rest of the collection, on line at The collection is filled with beautiful and expressive patterns in a broad range of sizes and at all skill levels.

Wastelander (M2121, sizes 38-52, average skill level) is a men’s post-apocalyptic convertible vest jacket, meant for leather, vinyl, Ultrasuede or similar firm fabrics. It has plenty of opportunities for fitting as it is definitely the child of a real biker jacket: Center back, side back, side front, and center front pieces are all gracefully proportioned by the amazing designers at McCalls, and ready for your fitting needs. Add or subtract at any of the seams to make it fit perfectly—even over that cosplay muscle padding.

The best part of this jacket is that the sleeves zip on and off, making this a versatile piece for both cosplay and your more mundane wardrobe. I would LOVE to see this in a metallic blue soft leather on the street somewhere. It’s just a really great blank you can press into service everywhere. Ignore the post-apocalyptic shoulder “pads,” and trim and skip the armscye zipper, and you have Dirk Gently’s jacket—the yellow, blue or the green versions. Just add the zippered pockets, and the odd stripe or two as necessary.

There are straps and pockets all over—places to tuck multi-tools, bottle openers, spare shoelaces, dice, hot glue, baling wire, stone knives, bear skins, thread, chewing gum. The list is endless. The pattern also comes with fingerless mitts, which are a staple you will want to use over and over. It’s a great, versatile pattern for men— for whom we have far too few nowadays. Press it into service for women as well. Nothing like a good “boyfriend jacket” to ramp up a look without making gender the focal point.

Copper Maiden (M2117 sizes 6-22, easy skill level) is the companion piece in this release with Wastelander. Copper is code for “steampunk” because copper is the steampunker’s black.  The copper color calls up images of old brown-shifted tintype/calotype images and the brass and copper fittings for the steam engines which would be powering a steamer’s alternate-universe science devices. The effect is lovely, and for this black-eschewing costumer (because being the color of least resistance is not a recommendation), it is a welcome addition to the usual sea of black.

Copper Maiden is another offering from Ichigo Black, and it is really sweet. It’s a modest boned bustier, with hip ruffle and a halter front. The opening is in the back, where it laces—so it’s an easy fit. You can get a lot of looks out of this, with the front halter being sheer, or solid. It’s asymmetrical, with a ruffle on the top of the left bust, but you can make it symmetrical if you like. A sweet under-bust bow ties it all together. The halter front is also a good choice should you want to hide a breast form or cutlet.

The bottom half is a simple overskirt, made from a rectangle, topped with two ruffles, meant to echo the bustier and suggest a bustle. It’s set on a waistband, and ties in front. This makes it easy to fit like the bustier, and is a perfect beginner project. The piece that makes me smile is the little ruffled bloomers. I’d wear these on their own, with a sweet tank top all summer long. I’d stock my costume shop with them for the next time someone neglects to mention that the dancers in a show are doing handstands in their mini skirts. They are simple, adorable and oh-so-useful for just about any anime cosplay, let alone the steampunk cosplay for which they were designed. They are a must-have.

Cosplay by McCalls continues to impress. The line is very adaptable, size-inclusive, and offers a broad selection of expressive clothing options you can use in cosplay or streetwear. Offered online only, it’s never out-of-stock, and you never have to brave the lines at JoAnn’s. They ship world-wide. Get them at



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