Cosplay by McCalls M2118 Stirling Regent and M2115 Calista Knight II


The follow up to Becka Noel’s Cosplay by McCalls Calista Knight I (M2114),  Calista Night II (M2115 all sizes in one envelope), contains the pattern and instruction for a pauldron (shoulder armor), and a horned headpiece. This is a no-sew pattern as it’s all about Worbla. These Calista Night patterns are fantastic Worbla tutorials. Clear and concise, you can go over an instruction without having to rewind a video or scroll through information to get to the “good stuff”. Let Becka walk you through this. She’s got you covered.

The instructions suggest three styles of Worbla construction, but detail the Worbla over EVA foam method. Both the pauldron and the headpiece are held on with elastic. It is a headpiece, and not a helmet as there is no back to it. Though the instructions include setting “jewels” don’t let that limit you. You can add a lot more—like feathers or wings—to make a headpiece with even bigger impact.

The second pattern in this release is by the fabulous designers at McCalls. Stirling Regent (M2118) sizes 6-22 is a princess dress that can be the starting point for Space Opera, Manga, Anime or fantasy characters. Its key component is a fantastic Elizabethan collar. It’s separate from the dress, so it can go on anything else with a fitted bodice. All that is required is a set of “tie downs” that line up with the front edge of the collar, where the rosettes are in the picture. It has great proportions, and can be made up in most any fabric. There is in effect, a built in “underpropper,” by way of several pieces of boning set all the way around the radius, so the collar is going to hold its shape well. Start here for a great Snow White or her Evil Queen. The dress is one that can be put to service for any number of princesses or queens. The sleeves are a staple of fairy tale princesses (My Punzie and Ariel cosplayers, take note) and the whole look is fantastic for Titania or Alice’s Red Queen. Just change the fabrics.

All the “good stuff” is attached to the bodice. There is boning, and it laces up the back. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the bottom of the pretty panels have a ruffle. Use these panels to showcase your embroidery beading or painting skills (or make these into playing cards for the Red Queen.). The skirt is a basic gathered skirt, lined, with ruffle and overlay. It’s shown over a purchased hoop in the photo.

Cosplay by McCalls continues to impress. The line is very adaptable, size-inclusive, and offers a broad selection of expressive clothing options you can use in cosplay or streetwear. Offered online only, it’s never out-of-stock, and you never have to brave the lines at JoAnn’s. They ship world-wide. Get them at

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