Cosplay by McCalls M2080 Sentinal

Cosplay by McCalls M2080 Sentinal is a fun and comfortable Tolkien-inspired set of Tunic, Vest, Hood and Bracers. Created by the masterful patternmakers at McCalls, these three pieces will set you up quite nicely for a Tauriel costume.

There is a lot of quilting in this piece, and that sets the stage for some lovely unconventional cool-weather gear. Who would not want to bring a more fanciful look to their every day wardrobe? The hood would be lovely in place of a hat and scarf. The shirt (tunic) would easily slip into heavy rotation in a fall wardrobe, or made up in a light cotton, could fit nicely into any Bohemian look. As with most commercial patterns, I’d suggest cutting the bottom of the armscye about 3/4 of an inch higher.

Seams are finished, and the assembly leaves you with no raw seams to pull your work into the “loving hands at home” realm. There seems to be an abundance of hand sewing binding, which I am not sure is necessary, but might be easier for the sewer with fewer hours at the machine, or for applying to quilting that has a lot of loft.

The sewing tip for this pattern is embellishing with paint. They suggest Jaquard’s Lumier paints. Jaquard is indeed my surface design supplier of choice. I have used their acid dyes, paints, and marbling supplies for decades. They are highly recommended. However, when I paint my grommets/eyelets, I prefer nail polish. Brush marks disappear completely, there is still a hint of transparency and there is never a lack of choice of color.

Costume or  regular clothing, either way, it’s just as comfortable and as such is great for kicking around as a hall costume. Try your hand at beading and trims and go wild with the fabric paint and then go use those skills on your next costume.

The Cosplay by McCalls patterns continue to provide great, adaptable pieces with large, durable envelopes that can also house your swatches, sketches and trim samples. They offer an inclusive size range so everyone can get in on the fun. Give them a try. You can get the entire collection of Cosplay by McCalls on their website at

2 Replies to “Cosplay by McCalls M2080 Sentinal”

  1. Nikki

    Did you have trouble figuring out how to actually fasten the hood? I’m not a beginning seamstress by any means, but this hood has me stymied! It makes no logical sense. Any tips?

    • Wendy Post author

      It’s a separate piece. It works much like a bathrobe with an inner tie, except the tie is on the outside, and the button is the inside closure. So, button the left two the inside button, and then wrap the right side to tie with the left tie on the outside. I just tacked mine permanently, as I found no need for it to open.


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