Cosplay by McCalls 2086 Ribbon Candy and 2087 Victor


More Cosplay patterns are out! This set contains one really useful and versatile pattern, and one that is totally out-there fun.

M2086-1 M2086

Cosplay by McCalls 2086 Ribbon Candy by Becka Noel (That’s her on the envelope cover!) is a pretty adorable tutu with bustier, sash, and your de rigueur ballet arm poufs. It’s rated intermediate and comes in two size packets: Sizes: 4-12 and 12-20. The tutu is a good introduction to cartridge pleats, and you can use this construction experience as a primer to dive into the deep and wide ocean of fabric management for exceptionally full skirts. For this little number, you will be working with wide horsehair—pretty much a lost art, and one that you will wish you knew about sooner. You will be covering it with your fabric, and with the aid of a template, hand stitching it to a wide elastic waistband in an undulating shape. The effect is indeed that of Grandma’s ribbon candy. There is a lot of hand sewing, which makes this a great pick for getting out of the sewing room, and off to the local Stitch and Bitch with something really extraordinary in your lap.

I’ll suggest that you stop and take time to dye the elastic. It’s not covered, and my eye goes right to it. It’s not so big a deal on the envelope color way, as there is already a good deal of white present, so it blends. Elastic dyes very well with Rit or Dylon. It’s really easy, and you won’t have glaring white or black peeking out of your ribbon candy. If you want a flesh tone (any flesh, save for the darkest tones), just use tea or coffee. Coffee gives a slightly rosier tone than the tea. Make up the tea or coffee in a pot on the stove, and toss the elastic in it. Leave it in until it’s the color you want. Don’t let it boil. Just keep it hot. Rinse and dry and you are good to go

The bodice is simple and smooth and is meant for moderate stretch fabrics. Though it is lightly boned (as it must, to stay up), it’s NOT a corset. Busty ladies may wish to add some clear elastic straps as there are only 6 bones, set at the seams; just enough to keep things smooth and vertical. It’s lined, has no cups, and zips up the back with a separating zipper.

Sewing the sash and poufs are easy. The poufs are assembled with a lot of small pieces, so you can make them with more than one color. Alternate two colors. Alternate sheer and opaque. Make it up as a rainbow. They are an opportunity waiting. It’s another great place to use up those extraordinary fabric scraps you can’t bear to throw away.

Fair warning: There are no trunks in this pattern. You may be comfortable in just tights, or perhaps leggings, or you may want to purchase trunks from a dance supply house like While you are there, take a look at the prices of tutus. You will gasp and hug your pattern. The pattern envelope tips for McCalls 2086 Ribbon Candy are about horsehair and velvet.




Cosplay by McCalls 2087 Victor is your really versatile pattern this time. It has all sizes—S through XXL— in one packet, so it’s also a great deal. Yes, XXL. It feels like a really full version of a Tibetan Panel Coat, but because of the fit-and-flare shape, it’s far more of a chameleon. It’s modeled by a hunky man, but this coat has all genders covered. Make it up in crystal organzas of multiple hues for a fabulous cover for a mermaid, dryad, or elf (fairies will need wing slits!). Make sure you spin to twirl the skirt, it’s over 9 yards around. Get quilting those old costume scraps together and make a more-than-fantastic warm winter coat that is a history of your work. Get yourself a cow hide or two and make a statement coat…or maybe be a Crow at the Wall. Make the drape from lamb suede. No one will argue with the entrance you make. They’ll be speechless.

This coat would also make a terribly useful and mysterious cover-up when heading to a costume call from your hotel room. The fullness and large sleeves will go over most anything, and you don’t give anything away about your presentation until you want to. Use the drape to cover your headpiece. Elegant! Come the holidays, make the best Father Christmas ever.

Straightforward, but with lovely style lines, 2087 Victor is rated intermediate. If you don’t feel you are up to intermediate, you might find it within your skill set if you delete the piping/welting. It will still be fabulous. Your envelope tutorial is a primer on brocade, matelassé and tapestry fabrics.

Cosplay by McCalls continues to impress. The line is very adaptable, size-inclusive, and has fabulous large sturdy envelopes that will hold project notes, sketches, and swatches. There will never be that fight to get the pattern back in that tiny envelope again. Offered online only, it’s never out-of-stock, and you never have to brave the lines at JoAnn’s. They ship world-wide. Get them at

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